Vignon, Alexandre-Pierre

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Vignon, Alexandre-Pierre (1763–1828). French architect of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods. A pupil of Leroy and Ledoux, he was commissioned to build the Temple de la Gloire (after 1813 the Madeleine), Paris, in 1806 to be erected on the foundations of an earlier church (1746) begun by Contant d'Ivry, and revised by G. -M. Couture (1732–99) in the 1770s. It is a grand octastyle Corinthian building (constructed 1816–28) on a high podium resembling a rectangular Roman temple (a type only revived from C18), with an interior (1828–40) by Jean-Jacques-Marie Huvé (1783–1852) derived from Roman thermae.


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