Contant d'Ivry, Pierre

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Contant d'Ivry, Pierre (1698–1777). Parisian architect, who was the first to develop Cordemoy's theories. His Churches of St-Vasnon at Condé-sur-L'Escaut (1751) and St-Vaast at Arras (1775–7—completed 1833) had continuous rows of columns carrying entablatures from which sprang vaults, while his Abbaye Royale de Penthémont (104–6 Rue de Grenelle, Paris) of 1747–56 also demonstrates his interest in refined constructional and vaulting techniques. His grand staircase at the Palais Royal, Paris (1756–70), is one of the most elegant of its period, and his only partially executed design for the Madeleine, Paris (1761), exploited columns and entablatures carrying vaults in a manner similar to that adopted by Soufflot at Ste-Geneviève.


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