Vigny, Pierre de

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Vigny, Pierre de (1690–1772). French architect. He worked under de Cotte from whom he inherited various commissions. Among his works may be cited the Hôtel de Chenizot, Île Saint-Louis, Paris (c.1726), the Cour du Dragon, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris (1728–32—de-stroyed 1925), interiors of the Hôtel de Luynes, the Church of St-Martin-du-Tertre, Valois, numerous apartments in Paris (e.g. 42 rue François Miron), and major repairs to the Cathedral at Rheims (all 1740s), and the General Hospital, Lille (begun 1738 but never completed). He published Dissertation sur l'architecture (1752), in which he expressed an unfashionable appreciation of the works of Borromini, and recommended a pluralist eclecticism instead of an adherence to rigid Classicism: in this, he anticipated C19 Historicism.


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