Vaudoyer, Antoine-Laurent-Thomas

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Vaudoyer, Antoine-Laurent-Thomas (1756–1846). French architect. A pupil of A. -F. Peyre, his early unexecuted designs demonstrated a concern for stereometrical purity that was a feature of late-C18 French Neo-Classicism, perhaps influenced by Boullée and anticipating works by Ledoux. In 1793, with L. -P. Baltard and J. -D. Leroy he founded a special School of Architecture that was to evolve into the École des Beaux-Arts. He was an important and influential teacher, and began (1838) the conversion of the Priory of St-Martin-des-Champs, Paris, into the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers (1845). With Baltard and others he published designs for the Grands Prix (1806–34), and he himself published many works.


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Vaudoyer, Antoine-Laurent-Thomas

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Vaudoyer, Antoine-Laurent-Thomas