Baltard, Louis-Pierre

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Baltard, Louis-Pierre (1764–1846). French architect, academic, and theorist. He became Professor at the École Polytechnique, Paris, in 1796, and later helped to prepare many of the plates for the Napoleonic Description de l'Égypte, the major source-book of the Egyptian Revival. He designed the Palais de Justice in Lyons, with its façade composed of a long line of twenty-four huge Corinthian columns (1835–41) and the Salle des Pas Perdus consisting of a series of low-domed spaces: the design is typical of the type of official architecture promoted by Quatremère de Quincy, and based on Roman Antiquity. He was also responsible for the prison of the Quartier Perrache (1830), the artillery arsenal (1840–6), and other important buildings in Lyons. He published several books, including Recueil des Monuments Antiques (1801).


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