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Studio PER. Architectural partnership in Barcelona established in 1965 by Pep Bonet (1941– ), Christian Cirici (1941– ), Lluís Clotet (1941– ), and Oscar Tusquets (1941– ). Work is characterized by fine detailing and a critical, questioning attitude to established notions and forms, as in the triangular, partly excavated Casa Penina, Cardedeu (1968), and the Belvedere ‘Georgina’ at Llofriu (1972), a Post-Modernist temple dedicated to the motor-car. At the Casa Vittoria, Pantelleria, Italy (1974), the column is used to relate the external spaces to the house. Other works include the Profitos Factory, Polinya (1973), and the Tokyo housing-block, Barcelona (1974).


Lampugnani (ed.) (1988)

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Studio PER

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