Stillman & Eastwick-Field

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Stillman & Eastwick-Field. British architectural firm established in 1949 by John Still-man (1920– ), John Eastwick-Field (1919–2003), and Elizabeth Eastwick-Field (née Gee) (1919–2003). It was responsible for a number of schools for the Inner London Education Authority, including the Camden School for Girls (1956–7). In Gibraltar, the firm designed the Mackintosh Hall Cultural Centre and Girls' School (1964–7), and in Exeter, Devon, the Residential School for the Partially Sighted (1965–6). Among other works, Hide Tower, Regency Street, Westminster (1959–61—a pioneering work with precast concrete cladding), and Queen Mary's House, a home for the elderly, Hampstead, London (1991–2), may be cited.


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