Stillson, Alan 1945-

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STILLSON, Alan 1945-

PERSONAL: Born December 16, 1945, in New York, NY; son of Jacob (an educator) and Rose (an educator) Stillson; married June 17, 1967; wife's name Sandra (divorced, 1977); married Gail Surgerman (an administrative secretary), May 20, 1983; children: Jeff, Debi, Howard, Gary. Ethnicity: "Jewish." Education: Queens College of the City University of New York, B.A., 1967, M.S., 1970; University of New Mexico, M.B.A., 1974. Politics: Independent. Religion: "Messianic Jewish." Hobbies and other interests: Music, puzzles and games.

ADDRESSES: Home—5515 Keokuk Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91367; fax: 818-592-6472. E-mail—[email protected].

CAREER: Mathematics teacher at public schools in Queens, NY, 1967-71, and in Albuquerque, NM, 1971-74; financial analyst, 1974-78; owner of commercial real estate finance company, Los Angeles, CA, 1978-95; Best Buy, Calabasas, CA, marketing coordinator, 1995-2001; mathematics instructor at public schools and colleges in Los Angeles, CA, 2001—.

MEMBER: Mensa, National Puzzlers League, National Scrabble Association, B'nai B'rith (past president).


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WORK IN PROGRESS: Puzzle and game books for adults and children.



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