Seddon, John Pollard

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Seddon, John Pollard (1827–1906). English Gothic Revival architect who trained with T. L. Donaldson. He was in partnership with John Prichard (1817–86) from 1852 to 1869, and with John Coates Carter (1859–1927) from 1884 to 1894. With Prichard he designed the High Victorian Gothic Ettington Park, Warwicks. (c.1856–62). Other works include University College, Aberystwyth, Wales (1864–90), the Powell Almshouses, Fulham, London (1869–70), St Peter's Church, Ayot St Peter, Herts. (1874–5), St Paul's Church, Hammersmith, London (1880–8—with H. R. Gough), and the lovely Church of St Catherine, Hoarwithy, Herefs. (c.1874–85—in an Italian Romanesque style with Byzantine detail).


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