Sánz de Oíza, Francisco Javier

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Sánz de Oíza, Francisco Javier (1918–2000). Spanish architect. He won the competition for the Aránzazu basilica (1949—with Laorga). Shortly afterwards he began to move towards acceptance of the Modern Movement, and in the 1950s his work became openly eclectic, drawing on the works of Aalto, L. I. Kahn, and Frank Lloyd Wright, leading to his Torres Blancas apartments, Madrid (1959–68). His chapel on the Camino de Santiago (1954—with Romaní y Oteiza), was influenced by Mies van der Rohe, and sophisticated technology was employed in his Banco de Bilbao Vizcayano, Azca, Madrid (1972–80).


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Sánz de Oíza, Francisco Javier

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