Radziwillowa, Princess Helena

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Radziwillowa, Princess Helena (1753–1821). Polish aristocrat, member of the Grand Adoption Lodge of Warsaw, and creator (1776–1821) of the Garden of Allusions near Nieborów. Called Arkadia, this garden, with fabriques designed by Ittar, Zug, and others, was one of the most interesting of those created in C18 with liberal, elegiac, nationalist, and literary mnemonic agendas encapsulated within their boundaries. Three other Polish gardens redolent with meaning were also created by women: Pulawy (by Aigner and the painter Jan Piotr Norblin (1773–1830) ), Powązki (both for Princess Izabela Czartoryska (1746–1835) ), and Mokotów (for Princess Izabela Lubomirska (1736–1816) ).


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