Radoshitser (of Radoszyce), Issachar Baer

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RADOSHITSER (of Radoszyce ), ISSACHAR BAER (1765–1843), ḥasidic ẓaddik whose popularity is attested by his nickname, "the holy old man"; famous as a miracle healer. At first he lived in great poverty as a village schoolmaster (melammed) in Checiny (Chantchin) and Chmielnik. He frequented the courts of numerous ẓaddikim and was among the disciples of *Jacob Isaac ha-Ḥozeh (The Seer) of Lublin, Jacob Isaac "the holy Jew of *Przysucha", Joshua Heshel of *Apta, and Israel the Maggid of *Kozienice. From 1815 he became a ẓaddik in his own right in Radoszyce. He was a tärnik, i.e., one of those who believed that 1840 (ת״ר) would be the year of the redemption.


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[Esther (Zweig) Liebes]