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PRZYSUCHA , city in Kielce province, S.E. central Poland. The Jewish population of the city increased during the 19th century. In 1865 there were 2,907 inhabitants; this number grew and in 1921, 3,238 inhabitants, including 2,153 Jews (66%) lived in Przysucha. The ancient synagogue, which stood in the town until the Holocaust, testified to the antiquity of the Jewish community. The Jewish settlement became renowned through its ẓaddikim. One such prominent hasidic leader, R. Jacob Isaac b. Asher *Przysucha (ha-Yehudi ha-Kadosh; see next entry), acquired a world reputation among Jews. Another renowned ḥasidic leader of Przysucha was R. *Simḥah Bunem, the disciple of the Yehudi ha-Kadosh. After World War i there was a considerable amount of communal activity. Upon the eve of World War ii the Jewish community was headed by Joseph Meisels. Its rabbi was R. Elhanan Fuks.

[Shimshon Leib Kirshenboim]

Holocaust Period

On the outbreak of World War ii there were about 2,500 Jews in Przysucha. The Jewish community was liquidated on Oct. 27–31, 1942, when 4,000 Jews from Przysucha and its vicinity were deported to *Treblinka death camp. After the war the Jewish community of Przysucha was not reconstituted.