Plumet, Charles

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Plumet, Charles (1861–1928). French architect. He drew on medieval and early French Renaissance themes for his architecture, but used Art Nouveau forms in his shop interiors and furniture design. (with Tony Selmersheim (1871–1971) ). Interested in reviving the applied and decorative arts in his buildings, often employed polychromy, loggie, and bay-windows in his façades. His sumptuous dwellings at 67 Avenue de Malakoff (1895), 50 Avenue Victor Hugo (1900–1), and 15 and 21 Boulevard Lannes (1906), all in Paris, are typical of his work. He designed the Château de Chênemoireau, Loire-et-Cher, France (1901), and an office block at 33 Rue du Louvre, Paris (1913–14). Chief Architect of the Exposition International des Arts-Décoratifs, Paris (1924–5), he had an influence on the Art Deco style.


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