Orchard, William

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Orchard, William (fl. 1468–d. 1504). English master-mason. He designed Magdalen College, Oxford (from 1467), the beautiful vaults of the Divinity School (1480–3), and (on stylistic grounds) probably the chancel-vaults (c.1478–1503) and the cloisters (c.1489–99) at Oxford Cathedral. Both the vaulting schemes have elaborate pendants that look as though they are supports for the structure, the piers, as it were, having been removed: it is a curious and interesting type of design. He was also responsible for Waterstock Church, Oxon. (c.1500–2), and built part of the Cistercian College of St Bernard (now St John's College), Oxford (from 1502). He designed the Harcourt Aisle in Stanton Harcourt Church (c.1470), and he may be regarded as one of the most distinguished architects of his time.


J. Harvey (1987)