Moss, Eric Owen

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Moss, Eric Owen (1943– ). American architect, called ‘a jeweller of junk’ by Philip Johnson because of his penchant for employing unusual materials. He explored ways in which architecture might be ‘de-constructed’. His conversion of and intervention in disused warehouses and other buildings at 8522 National Boulevard, Culver City, CA (1986–90), involved creating new elliptical spaces, exposure of structural elements, and curious relationships between old and new. At the Gary Group, also in Culver City (1988–90), he intervened in four buildings, with the Paramount Laundry and the Lindblade Tower, one wall of which was enriched with chains, ladders of steel bars, and wheels. Other works include the Lawson/Westen House, Los Angeles, CA (1988–93), and the Samitaur Building (1990–6), The Box (1990–4), and the IRS Building (1993–4), all in Culver City. The last has an entrance area in the corner enlivened with reused structural steel elements.


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