Lods, Marcel-Gabriel

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Lods, Marcel-Gabriel (1891–1978). French architect. He was in partnership with Eugène Beaudouin from 1925 to 1940, and there-after practised on his own from 1945 in Paris. The Lods–Beaudouin partnership was responsible for building early prefabricated housing schemes at the Cité de la Muette, Drancy, Paris (1934—unfortunately remembered mostly as the transit-centre for French Jews on their way ‘to the East’), and (with Vladimir Bodiansky (1894–1966) and Prouvé) the Maison du Peuple, Clichy (1939). It also designed the layout of the World's Fair, Paris (1937). After the 1939–45 war Lods argued for the planning of all land and towns on the principles advocated by CIAM, but the fierce opposition of the German authorities saved the ancient city of Mainz from the almost total change Lods advocated (1946–8).


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