Knöffel, Johann Christoph

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Knöffel, Johann Christoph (1686–1752). German architect, much influenced by French Classicism, as at his Wackerbarth Palais, Dresden (1723–6—destroyed 1945, but rebuilt 1962). A pupil of Longuelune, he spent most of his professional life in Dresden, where he became Oberlandbaumeister (Senior State Architect—1734). Nearly all his fine and considerable work has been destroyed, but he completed Chiaveri's exquisite Hofkirche (Court Church), Dresden, after 1748 (restored after severe damage in 1945), and finished Longuelune's Blockhaus (Log House—so called because a timber customs-house once stood on the site), or Guard House, Dresden (1749). He designed the hunting-lodge of Hubertusburg, Wermsdorf (1743–51). His pupils included Krubsacius.


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