Knocks at My Door

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Knocks at My Door ★★ Golpes a Mi Puerta 1993

A small Latin American town is in political turmoil, with military patrols making a brutal search for a rebel fugitive. The fugitive seeks refuge in the home of two Catholic nuns, Sister Ana (Oddo) and Sister Ursula (Escobar), who theoretically are protected by the Church.Ana knows the young man will be tortured and executed but when a neighbor betrays his presence, not only is he captured but Sister Ana is arrested. To save her own life Ana must sign a paper claiming the young man threatened her with a gun but will her religious faith transcend political expediencies? Adapted from a play by Gene; Spanish with subtitles. 105m/C VHS . VZ Veronica Oddo, Elba Escobar; D: Alejandro Saderman; W: Juan Carlos Gene; C: Adriano Moreno; M: Julio D'Escrivan.