Kaftantzoglou, Lysandros

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Kaftantzoglou, Lysandros (1811–86). Greek architect. Educated in Rome and France, he settled in Athens in 1838 where he made a major contribution to the promotion and acceptance of Neo-Classicism. He executed a number of buildings by other architects, including T. Hansen's Eye Clinic, which, on the instructions of the Bavarian-born King Otto (or Othon) (reigned 1832–62), he altered to a Byzantine Rundbogenstil during its construction (1844–54). Among his best buildings were the Arsakeion School (1845–52), the Tositseion School (1865—destroyed), the National Technical University of Athens (1861–76), the Church of St Irene (1846–92), and the Church of St Constantine (1869–93).


Jane Turner (1996)