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313. Gullibility (See also Dupery.)

  1. Big Claus foolishly falls for Little Clauss falsified get-rich-quick schemes. [Dan. Lit.: Andersens Fairy Tales ]
  2. Emperor orders a new outfit from weavers who claim it will be invisible to anyone unworthy of his position. [Dan. Lit.: Andersen The Emperors New Clothes in Andersens Fairy Tales ]
  3. Georgette Mary Richards coworker and Ted Baxters wife; epitomizes gullibility. [TV: The Mary Tyler Moore Show in Terrace, II, 70]
  4. Oswald believes Edmunds false charges against Edgar. [Br. Lit.: King Lear ]
  5. Othello thinks men honest that but seem to be so. [Br. Lit.: Othello ]
  6. Peachum, Polly among others, believes she is Macheaths wife. [Br. Opera: The Beggars Opera ]
  7. Quixote, Don completely taken in by all the tales and plans of his squire and others who humor his delusions. [Span. Lit.: Cervantes Don Quixote ]
  8. Simple Simon credulous booby. [Nurs. Rhyme: Opie, 387]
  9. Tenderfoot told that cowpunching is a cinch, is badly hurt when he tries it and is tossed. [Am. Balladry: The Tenderfoot]
  10. Urfe, Nicholas trusts in the specious sincerity of the actors in Conchiss psychological experiments on him. [Br. Lit.: John Fowles The Magus in Weiss, 279]