Fomin, Ivan Aleksandrovich

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Fomin, Ivan Aleksandrovich (1872–1936). Russian architect. He worked for a time with Shekhtel', but by 1910 was a convinced Classicist, and his work evolved into stripped Classicism (called Proletarian Classicism) after the creation of the Soviet Union. Among his buildings may be cited the House of the Soviets, Bryansk (1924), the Industrial Bank, Yekaterinburg (1925), the Polytechnic, Ivanovo-Voznesensk (1927–32), the HQ of the Moscow Soviet (1928), and the Dynamo Sports Club, Moscow (also 1928). He designed the Lermontovskaya (1935) and Teatral' naya (1938) metro stations, Moscow, in a sombre, palatial, Classical style.


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