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245. Fame

  1. cardinal flower traditional symbol of eminence. [Flower Symbolism: Jobes, 290]
  2. daphne traditional symbol of fame. [Plant Symbolism: Jobes, 414]
  3. Graumans Chinese Theater famous for the imprints of movie stars footprints in its forecourt. [Am. Cinema: Payton, 284.]
  4. Halls of Fame national shrines honoring outstanding individuals in a particular field (baseball, football, acting, Great Americans, etc.). [Am. Culture: WB, 9, 2223]
  5. Lady Fame capriciously distributes fame and slander. [Br. Lit.: Chaucer The House of Fame in Benét, 479]
  6. Madame Tussauds Waxworks representation by a wax figure in this London museum is a sure sign of notoriety. [Pop. Culture: EB (1963) XXII, 634]
  7. trumpet attribute of fame personified. [Art: Hall, 119]
  8. trumpet flower indicates notoriety. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 178]
  9. Whos Who biographical dictionary of notable living people. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 922]