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1. Comic opera in 3 acts by Verdi (his last) to lib. by Boito after Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor and King Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2. Comp. 1889–92, rev. 1893 and 1894. Prod. Milan 1893, CG 1894, NY Met 1895. Operas on same subject incl. those by Dittersdorf (1796), Salieri (1798), Balfe (1838), Nicolai (Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor, 1849), Holst (At the Boar's Head), and Vaughan Williams (Sir John in Love, 1924–8).

2. Symphonic study in C minor, with 2 interludes, Op.68, for orch. by Elgar. Comp. 1902–13. F.p. Leeds Oct. 1913, f. London p. Nov. 1913.