Falkner, Harold

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Falkner, Harold (1875–1963). English architect, most of whose work was realized in the Farnham-Godalming area of Surrey. An Arts-and-Crafts designer, his work evolved into a Colonial Revival Neo-Georgian style of fine quality, and then veered towards a free Tudor vernacular (e.g. nine houses (1921–63) at Dippenhall, Farnham, some incorporating genuine timber-framed buildings brought from elsewhere, including two Glos. barns placed end to end, called Burles (completed 1937) ). Among Falkner's works may be cited the Town Hall (1930–4), the Lutyensque Swimming Pool (1897), the Surrey & Hants News office (1930s), all in Farnham, North Munstead farm, Munstead (c.1920), and Tancredsford, Tilford (c.1920). All his work was of the highest quality. He was a voluble critic of the Modern Movement, and frequently attacked the architectural Establishment.


Osmond (2003)