Erskine, Ralph

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Erskine, Ralph (1914–2005). London-born architect. He emigrated to Sweden in 1939, where he began to specialize in the design of low-cost housing, notably at Gyttorp (1945–55), Fors in Dalecarlia (1950–3—with cardboard-factory of modelled brickwork), and Tibro (1959–64). His housing-scheme at Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne (1969–82), is arranged behind a huge eight-storey wall a kilometre long, and was designed with the participation of the residents. He also designed the Postgraduate College, Clare Hall, Cambridge (1967–9), a housing-estate at Killingworth, near Newcastle upon Tyne (1969–72), and the Eaglestone Estate, Milton Keynes, Bucks. (1973–7). The Larson Office Building (called ‘The Ark’), Hammersmith, London (1988–91—with Vernon Gracie) is a major development near the Hammersmith flyover. Other projects included the Students' Centre, Auditorium, and Library, Stockholm University (1979–82), and the Skanska office building, Göteborg (1989). He was a member of Team X from 1959.


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