Effner, Joseph

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Effner, Joseph (1687–1745). Court Architect of Bavaria, he introduced fashionable French styles of architecture and decoration to that country, having studied in Paris, probably under Boffrand, during the Elector Max II Emanuel's (1679–1726) exile there. He worked on the Electoral palaces of Nymphenburg (1715–23), adding the wing-pavilions to Barelli's existing building, and Schleissheim (1719–25), begun by Zuccalli. He designed the Chinoiserie Pagodenburg (1716–19), Roman Badenburg (1718–21), and Picturesque Magdalenklause (1725–8), all pavilions in the park at Nymphenburg. He worked with J. B. Zimmermann and Cuvilliés on several of his projects, making a major contribution to the evolution of Bavarian Rococo, but was gradually eclipsed by the latter.


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