Duiker, Johannes

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Duiker, Johannes (1890–1935). Dutch architect, influenced first by F. L. Wright and then by De Stijl. He was editor of, and a regular contributor to, the architectural journal De 8 en Opbouw (The Eight and Reconstruction— 1932–5), and was one of the leading Modernists of the inter-war period. The Zonnestraal Sanatorium, Hilversum (1926–8), was a good example of International Modernism, and his Handelsblad-Cineac Cinema, Amsterdam (1934–6), with its huge sky-sign, owed much to Constructivism and to Le Corbusier. His last work, completed by his partner, Bernard Bijvoet (1889–1979), was the Grand Hotel Gooiland, Hilversum (1934–6).


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