Calderini, Gugliemo

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Calderini, Gugliemo (1837–1916). Architect of the huge, eclectic, and majestic Palazzo di Giustizia, Rome (1888–1910), and other Renaissance Revival buildings, which drew on many sources, in the decades before the 1914–18 war. He was Director of Monuments for Rome, Aquila, and Chieti, and his restorations, including the chiostro of San Giovanni in Laterano, were carried out with great care. Among his buildings may be mentioned the grandiose façade of the Duomo, Savona (1880–6), in which the influence of Alessi can be detected; the quadriportico at San Paolo fuori le Mura, Rome (1893–1910); and two palazzi in Perugia (Bianchi and Cesaroni). His influence was considerable (e.g. the main Railway Station, Milan (1909) ).


Meeks (1966)

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Calderini, Gugliemo

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