Baird, John

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Baird, John (1798–1859). Scots architect, whose Glasgow practice was second only in importance to that of David Hamilton. He rarely strayed from a sedate Classicism in his work, although there were forays into Jacobethan (Cairnhill House, Airdrie, 1841) and Tudor Revival (Urie House, Fetteresso, Kincardineshire, 1855). He is remembered today primarily for his experiments with iron construction, including the cast-iron hammer-beam roof of the Argyle Arcade, Glasgow (1827–8), and the cast-iron fronted Gardner's Warehouse, 36 Jamaica Street, Glasgow (1855–6). Baird was assisted by James Thomson (1835–1905), who became his partner, and Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson worked in the office 1836–48.


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