Bait 2000

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Bait ★★ 2000 (R)

Bait is what you use to catch bigger fish, and hopefully star Foxx can use his performance in this otherwise by-the-book action-comedy to snag bigger and better roles. Petty thief Alvin (Foxx) winds up in the clink after a botched seafood robbery. His cellmate Jaster (Pastorelli) is the double-crossing partner of prancing archvillain Bristol (Hutchinson), who has stolen $40 million in gold. Unfortunately for Alvin, Jaster winds up in the Big House in the sky before he can tell anyone where the hidden loot is stashed. Head Fed Clenteen (Morse), thinking that Alvin knows where the gold is hidden, has him unwittingly equipped with surveillance devices and springs him from the pokey. Alvin, now followed by Bristol and the feds, tries to find the stashed loot by piecing together the cryptic clues that Jaster has left him. Lots of action on a minimal (for these types of movies) budget. 119m/C VHS, DVD . Jamie Foxx, Doug Hutchison, David Morse, Jamie Kennedy, Robert Pastorelli, Kimberly Elise, David Paymer, Tia Texada, Mike Epps, Nestor Serrano, Megan Dodds, Jeffrey Donovan, Kirk Acevedo; D: Antoine Fuqua; W: Tom Gilroy, Jeff Nathanson, Adam Scheinman, Andrew Scheinman; C: Tobias Schliessler; M: Mark Mancina.