Antonelli, Alessandro

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Antonelli, Alessandro (1798–1888). Professor of Architecture at Turin (1836–57). Addicted to the temple-front, he employed it in several buildings, including the Sanctuary at Boca (from 1830), the Parish Church at Oleggio (1853–8), and the Cathedral at Novara (from 1854). He is regarded as one of the last great masters of Neo-Classicism in Italy, and is famed for the Mole Antonelliana (a former synagogue), Turin (1863–84), one of the tallest masonry structures ever erected: rising in a series of stages defined by Orders, it was crowned by a pagoda-like spire. It was completed by his son, Costanzo (1844–1923). He also added the very tall cupola and lantern over the crossing of the Church of San Gaudenzio, Novara (from 1841), and remodelled the Duomo, also at Novara (1854–69), essentially a basilica, but using columns extensively, both inside and out.


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Antonelli, Alessandro

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