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cupolaareola, rubeola •Viola •dueller (US dueler), jeweller (US jeweler) •babbler, dabbler, parabola •labeller (US labeler) •dribbler, nibbler, quibbler, scribbler •libeller (US libeler) •hobbler, nobbler, squabbler, wobbler •bubbler •fumbler, mumbler, rumbler •burbler, hyperbola •bachelor •paddler, straddler •mandala • panhandler • meddler •ladler • wheedler •diddler, piddler, riddler, tiddler, twiddler •coddler, modeller (US modeler), toddler, twaddler, waddler •fondler, gondola •yodeller (US yodeler) •doodler •muddler, puddler •hurdler • waffler •shuffler, snuffler •haggler, straggler •mangler, wangler •finagler •giggler, wiggler, wriggler •smuggler, struggler •pergola • heckler •Agricola, Nicola, pickler, tickler, tricolour (US tricolor) •chronicler •snorkeller (US snorkeler) •chuckler •enameller (US enameler) •signaller (US signaler) •tunneller (US tunneler) •grappler • stapler •stippler, tippler •Coppola •gospeller (US gospeler) •cupola •caroller (US caroler) •Kerala •quarreller (US quarreler) •chancellor •penciller (US penciler) •whistler •battler, prattler, rattler, tattler •dismantler • startler •fettler, settler, settlor •belittler, victualler (US victualer) •hospitaller (US hospitaler) •bottler, throttler •hosteller (US hosteler) •caviller (US caviler), traveller (US traveler) •marveller (US marveler) •leveller (US leveler), reveller (US reveler) •driveller (US driveler), sniveller (US sniveler) •groveller (US groveler) •shoveler, shoveller •chiseller (US chiseler), sizzler •bamboozler, methuselah •guzzler

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1. Bowl-shaped vault on a circular, elliptical, or polygonal plan.

2. Underside or soffit of a dome.

3. Bowl-shaped element carried on columns set as a canopy over a tomb, etc., or a ciborium.

4. Small dome on the lantern over the eye of a large dome, or the dome plus lantern, or any diminutive domed form, visible above a roof.

5. Revolving dome of an observatory, or an armoured revolving dome over the guns of a fortress.

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cu·po·la / ˈkyoōpələ/ • n. a small dome, esp. a small dome on a drum on top of a larger dome, adorning a roof or ceiling. ∎  a gun turret; a small domed hatch above a gun turret on some tanks. ∎  (also cupola furnace) a cylindrical furnace for refining metals. DERIVATIVES: cu·po·laed adj.

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cupola A small, dome-shaped, satellite intrusion (see INTRUSIVE) projecting upwards from the main body of a larger intrusion or batholith.

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cupola rounded dome XVI; furnace for melting metals, orig. with a dome leading to the chimney XVIII. — It. — late L. cūpula little cask, small burying-vault, dim. of cūpa (see CUP).

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cupola (kew-pŏ-lă) n.
1. the small dome at the end of the cochlea.

2. any of several dome-shaped anatomical structures.

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cupola Small dome crowning a roof or turret, at the intersection of the arms of a building or on the corners of a square plan.