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22. Anti-Heroism

  1. Bloom, Leopold his ineffectual wandering about Dublin is contrasted with Ulysses epic adventures. [Irish Lit.: James Joyce Ulysses in Magill I, 1040]
  2. Bluntschli, Capt . Swiss officer prefers eating chocolates and making love to fighting. [Br. Drama: Shaw Arms and the Man in Benét, 51]
  3. Brown, Charlie bumbling boy with low self-esteem. [Comics: Peanuts in Horn, 542543]
  4. Cooke, Ebenezer his every move denies all things heroic. [Am. Lit.: The Sot-Weed Factor ]
  5. Hoover, Dwayne materially successful car dealer whose only friend is his dog. [Am. Lit.: Breakfast of Champions ]
  6. Meursault the 20th-century indifferent man to whom things happen because he allows them to. [Fr. Lit.: Camus The Stranger in Weiss, 445]
  7. Rosewater, Eliot unemployed heir who spends day buying drinks for volunteer firemen. [Am. Lit.: God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater ]
  8. Spade, Sam semi-literate, tough-talking private eye; lacks culture. [Am. Lit.: The Maltese Falcon ]

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