Ogilvie, Elisabeth May 1917-2006

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Ogilvie, Elisabeth May 1917-2006

OBITUARY NOTICE— See index for SATA sketch: Born May 20, 1917, in Boston, MA; died from a stroke, September 9, 2006, in Cushing, ME. Author. Ogilvie was a novelist whose romances and mysteries were usually set either on a fictional Maine island or in Scotland. Her first books were inspired by her memories of the summers she and her family spent on Gay's Island in Maine. This sparked her imagination, and she created the Bennett family, who settles on a then-uninhabited island that is later named after them. The "Bennett" series, the first three books of which are called the "Tide" trilogy, begins with High Tide at Noon (1947). Ogilvie followed the original characters and their descendants for many novels and wrote two spin-off series for young adults. Later, she created a series set in the Scottish highlands. In all, Ogilvie penned forty-six novels, ending with The Day before Winter (1997).



New York Times, September 14, 2006, p. A25.

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Ogilvie, Elisabeth May 1917-2006

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