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White, Kimberley 1966-


Born 1966. Education: Attended Madonna University.


Office—P.O. Box 672, Novi, MI 48376-0672. E-mail—[email protected]


Writer and nurse. Write2Win educational seminars, founder; Kimberly's Critiquing & Consulting Services, founder; teaches writing courses at various colleges in Michigan.



Sweet Tomorrows, Genesis Press (Columbus, MS), 2000.

Tango, Arabesque (Washington, DC), 2003.

Acquisitions, Genesis Press (Columbus, MS), 2003.

Only in My Dreams, BET Publications (Washington, DC), 2003.

Forever After, Arabesque (Washington, DC), 2004.

Hard to Love, Genesis Press (Columbus, MS), 2004.

Conquering Dr. Wexler's Heart, Genesis Press (Columbus, MS), 2005.

Sweet Repercussions, Genesis Press (Columbus, MS), 2005.

To Love a Ballantyne, Kimani Press (New York, NY), 2005.

Ballantyne's Destiny, Kimani Press (New York, NY), 2006.

(With Niobia Bryant and Melanie Schuster) You Never Know, Kimani Press (New York, NY), 2006.

Writes a column for African-American Career World. Contributor to Black Issues Book Review.


Kimberly White is a writer and a nurse. She is the founder of both Write2Win educational seminars and Kimberly's Critiquing & Consulting Services. She also teaches writing courses at various colleges in Michigan.

White published her first novel, Sweet Tomorrows, in 2000. Talya Stevenson runs from an abusive relationship with Jason. He searches for her but resorts to harassing her neighbors and coworkers. She returns to him for their safety but eventually meets Meridian Weston, who helps her develop trust in men again and confront her demons. Pamela Tullos, writing for the Romantic Times Online, commented that "Sweet Tomorrows is a sweet yet dramatic romance." Harriet Klausner, writing on BookReview.com, found that "Sweet Tomorrows is an interesting ethnic romance that focuses on the impact of abuse on the victim." Klausner concluded that "White provides a powerful, timely tale."

In 2003 White published Tango. Kendall Masterson comes out of rehab after going into a deep depression when her younger sister dies and her boyfriend walks out on her at that crucial moment. Anxious to return to her career as a preservation architect, she is focused on career, not love. When she meets Joseph Stewart, an airline pilot, her focus shifts. T.L. Burton, writing for the Romantic Times Online, commented that "White tackles a touchy subject with grace and style."

That same year she also published Only in My Dreams. Greyson Ballantyne is a highly successful lawyer who has everything in life he wants, except love. When he meets Sutton Hill-Galloway, he thinks he has found that as well. But Sutton is distancing herself from relationships after her cheating husband died in a car accident. Burton, writing for the Romantic Times Online, mentioned that the novel "is the quintessential romance novel," adding that it is "laden in both intensity and sensuality."

In Acquisitions, published in 2003, Akira Reed, who works as a pharmaceutical sales representative, sues her boss for harassment. When he countersues, claim- ing that Akira stole the formula for a vaccine, she relies on her lawyer, Roman Miller, to clear her name. When she and Roman get romantically involved, they must keep their love secret for the sake of the case. Robyn Glazer, writing for the Romantic Times Online, wrote that "the dialogue felt forced." Glazer commented on the characters, finding Akira "too harsh," while suggesting that Roman is more "multifaceted and likable." Glazer suggested that the story would be better polished with "more action" as well as "snappier dialogue." Klausner, writing on the Best Reviews Web site, commented that "the stolen formula adds suspense, but actually takes away from the insightful look at harassment as seen through two delightful lead characters and a powerful support cast."

In Forever After, Jova Parker is suspicious of Davan Underwood's advances toward her, having recently ended a bad relationship and losing her ability to trust men. When her business is threatened by a competitor, she turns to Davan for help, opening herself to a new experience with a different type of man. Writing for the Romantic Times Online, Burton described the novel as "a bittersweet romance that leaves the best of impressions." Burton remarked that the story is "executed flawlessly." A contributor to the Romance in Color Web site concluded that "Forever After is a colorful and phenomenal story with a lot of heart. I look forward to reading more of Kimberley White's creations in the future."

In Conquering Dr. Wexler's Heart, Sheridan Wexler starts a new life in Duck River, Tennessee, after a scandal nearly ruins her medical career. Based at the town's only clinic, she quickly develops a romantic relationship with its owner, Chase Larson. When he eventually learns of her dark secrets, trouble ensues. Burton, writing for Romantic Times Online, observed that the story has a "slightly saccharine" tinge to it. Burton commented, however, that the novel contains "too much to enjoy to let that detract."

Sweet Repercussions finds Brooke Foster's world in chaos when her former partner demands a paternity test upon Brooke's engagement announcement, to see if he is the father of her daughter. Brooke reluctantly gets back together with Damon after it is determined that he is the father, and they try to rekindle the romance that they shared since high school. Burton, again writing for the Romantic Times Online, called the plot "weak and overused," adding that Brooke seems "simple-minded." Burton concluded that Sweet Repercussions "is a dull read and a struggle to finish, which is an uncommon occurrence for White."

In To Love a Ballantyne, Kirkland Ballantyne is discouraged from pursuing his feelings for the older Cassidy Payne when his sister-in-law, Sutton, pushes her beliefs on him. Years later, Kirkland helps Cassidy deliver her baby and all of their feelings for each other suddenly return. Robin Taylor, writing for the Romantic Times Online, noted that this "powerful story" mixes age groups in a romantic situation. Taylor concluded that "White delivers this Ballantyne brother's story with flair." Booklist contributor Maria Hatton called the story "involving," adding that it is full of "dramatic characters and intertwined subplots worthy of a soap opera."

In 2006 White published Ballantyne's Destiny. Small West Virginia town recluse Chevy Ballantyne comes out of his shell after witnessing Maddie Ingram, the town librarian, go wild at a party. Although she shuns his domineering way, a connection exists between the two. Burton, writing again for the Romantic Times Online, noted that despite some frustrations, "the novel's finer qualities—character compatibility, strong plots, and continuous motion—more than make up for this flaw." Booklist contributor Patty Engelmann called the novel a "sizzling yet endearing African American romance."



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