White, Jon Manchip

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WHITE, Jon Manchip

WHITE, Jon Manchip. American (born England), b. 1924. Genres: Novels, Poetry, History, Biography. Career: Story Ed., BBC, London, 1950-51; Sr. Executive Officer, U.K. Foreign Service, 1952-56; freelance writer, 1956-67; Professor of English, University of Texas, El Paso, 1967-77; Lindsay Young Professor of English, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1977-. Publications: Dragon, 1943; Salamander, 1943; The Rout of San Romano, 1952; Ancient Egypt, 1952, 1970; Mask of Dust (in U.S. as The Last Race), 1953; Build Us a Dam, 1954; Anthropology, 1954; The Girl from Indiana, 1955; No Home but Heaven, 1956; The Mercenaries, 1958; Hour of the Rat, 1962; Marshal of France, 1962, Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt, 1963; The Rose in the Brandy Glass, 1965; Nightclimber, 1968; Diego Velazquez: Painter and Courtier, 1969; The Land God Made in Anger, 1969; Cortes and the Downfall of the Aztec Empire, 1971; The Game of Troy, 1971; The Mountain Lion, 1971; The Garden Game, 1973; Send for Mr. Robinson, 1974; A World Elsewhere, 1975, in U.K. as The Great American Desert, 1977; Everyday Life of the North American Indian, 1979; The Moscow Papers, 1979; Death by Dreaming, 1981; Chills and Fevers: Three Extravagant Tales, 1983; The Last Grand Master: A Novel of Revolution, 1985; The Journeying Boy: Scenes from a Welsh Childhood, 1991; Whistling Past the Churchyard: Strange Tales from a Superstitious Welshman, 1992. EDITOR: Samivel, The Glory of Egypt, 1955; A. Erman, Life in Ancient Egypt, 1971; H. Carter, Tomb of Tutankhamen, 1971; E.W. Lane, Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians, 1972. Address: 5620 Pinellas Dr, Knoxville, TN 37919, U.S.A.