Trigell, Jonathan 1974–

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Trigell, Jonathan 1974–

PERSONAL: Born 1974. Education: Manchester University, M.A., 2002.

ADDRESSES: Office—, 17 Linstead House, 9 Disraeli Rd., London SW15 2DR, England.

CAREER: Writer and manager., London, England (Alpine race and events promoter), manager. Previously worked in France at a variety of jobs, including a holiday representative, guide, barman, driver, airport manager, and ski instructor.


Boy A (fiction), Serpent's Tail (London, England), 2004.

WORK IN PROGRESS: A second novel, titled Cham.

SIDELIGHTS: Jonathan Trigell loosely bases his first novel, Boy A, on a real-life case of a British child who committed a horrendous murder. In his novel, the author tells the story of Jack Burridge, who has just been released from prison fifteen years after committing a murder at the age of nine. When he was tried as a youngster he was referred to "Boy A" because of his age, and his current name is one he has chosen to hide his real identity. Aided by a kindly probation officer and father figure, Jack gets a job as a map-reader for a driver. Having trouble adjusting to life beyond prison walls, Jack is constantly facing temptation from his colleagues at work. Further complicating his life, and attacking his psyche, is the fact that the British papers have dredged up his case, creating a public outcry as some begin to seek out the new identity of Boy A, spurred on by offers of a reward by the papers. Jack eventually begins an affair with a colleague that turns his life in another wrong direction.

Writing in Entertainment Weekly, Channing Joseph noted that Trigell "masterfully builds sympathy for Jack." A Kirkus Reviews contributor wrote that the author "wisely eschews the usual kind of unruly vernacular here in favor of an articulate, paternalistic narrator who truly wishes Jack well." Noting that the newspaper's are the ultimate wrongdoers in this tale, a Barcelona Review contributor added that "Trigell doesn't hit us over the head with it in some embarrassing rant, but rather lets the blinkered evil ooze into the unfolding tale." The reviewer also called Trigell's debut effort "a brave, well plotted and nicely crafted story."



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