Trier, Walter

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TRIER, WALTER (1890–1951), cartoonist and illustrator. Trier, who came from a Prague German family, settled in Berlin. He is best known for his witty and ironic drawings and for his illustrations of books by famous German authors, especially those of Erich Kaestner. Trier was one of the leading contributors to the German humorous weeklies Simplicissimus and Lustige Blaetter and published several collections of his drawings in volume form. He was one of the first to infuse contemporary content into "imitations" of the old masters. After escaping from Germany before World War ii, he contributed to publications in England and America. His own collections included 1000 Bauernwitze (1917), Fridolins Siebenmeilenpferd, Fridolins Harlekinder, and Fridolins Zauberland, all of which appeared in 1926.


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