Trigger, Bruce Graham

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TRIGGER, Bruce Graham

TRIGGER, Bruce Graham. Canadian, b. 1937. Genres: Anthropology/ Ethnology, Archaeology/Antiquities. Career: McGill University, Montreal, assistant professor, 1964-67, associate professor, 1967-69, professor of anthropology, 1969-, James McGill Professor, 2001-. Publications: History and Settlement in Lower Nubia, 1965; The Late Nubian Settlement at Arminna West, 1967; Beyond History: The Methods of Prehistory, 1968; The Huron: Farmers of the North, 1969, rev. ed., 1990; The Impact of Europeans on Huronia, 1969; The Meroitic Funerary Inscriptions from Arminna West, 1970; (with J.F. Pendergast) Cartier's Hochelaga and the Dawson Site, 1972; The Children of Aataentsic, 1976; Nubia under the Pharaohs, 1976; Time and Traditions, 1978; Handbook of North American Indians, Northeast Volume, 1978; Gordon Childe: Revolutions in Archaeology, 1980; Natives and Newcomers: Canada's Heroic Age Reconsidered, 1985; A History of Archaeological Thought, 1989; Early Civilizations: Ancient Egypt in Context, 1993; (with W.E. Washburn) Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas, North America Volume, 1996; Sociocultural Evolution: Calculation and Contingency, 1998; Artifacts and Ideas: Essays in Archaeology, 2003; Understanding Early Civilizations, 2003. Address: Dept of Anthropology, McGill University, 855 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC, Canada H3A 2T7. Online address: [email protected]