Sutton, Henry 1963-

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Sutton, Henry 1963-


Born 1963, in Norfolk, England.


Home—London, England.


Journalist and writer.



Gorleston, Sceptre (London, England), 1995.

Bank Holiday Monday, Sceptre (London, England), 1996.

The Househunter, Sceptre (London, England), 1998.

Flying, Sceptre (London, England), 2000.

Kids' Stuff, Serpent's Tail (London, England), 2005.

Thong Nation, Serpent's Tail (London, England), 2006.

Contributor of articles to periodicals on travel, books, arts, and lifestyle.


Henry Sutton is the author of several novels, each of which he credits with an improvement in his style and the quality of his writing. In an interview with Jerome de Groot for Book Munch, Sutton remarked: "I feel like I'm intentionally pushing myself." He varies his personal challenges with each book, stretching himself by writing from both the female and the male points of view, and using a sense of place to help structure and root his books. Kids' Stuff, which Sutton told de Groot "is definitely the bleakest of my books," follows Mark, a cabinetmaker, and his wife, as their lives are disrupted by the appearance of Mark's ex-spouse and his estranged thirteen-year-old daughter, Lily. Lily is a tough girl who smokes, drinks, and sports tattoos, a clear result of her dysfunctional upbringing. A contributor to Kirkus Reviews called Sutton's book "a disturbing, raw tale of masculine rage and family dysfunction, bluntly told."



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