Sandberg, L. Anders 1953-

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Sandberg, L. Anders 1953-


Born 1953, in Sweden; immigrated to Canada. Education: Simon Fraser University, B.A.; Victoria University, M.A.; McGill University, Ph.D.


Home—Toronto, Ontario, Canada. E-mail—[email protected].


York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, professor of environmental studies and associate dean.


Best book on regional history in the Maritimes, Canadian Historical Association, 2001, for Against the Grain: Foresters and Politics in Nova Scotia.


(With Peter Clancy) Against the Grain: Foresters and Politics in Nova Scotia, UBC Press (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), 2000.

Contributor to books, including Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume 20, and Canadian Forest Policy: Adapting to Change. Contributor to periodicals, including Geographical Review, Regional Studies, Environmental Politics, Canadian Geographer, and Journal of Canadian Studies.


L. Anders Sandberg spent his childhood in Sweden, where he was heavily influenced by the national social beliefs and attitude toward nature. Thanks to Sweden's policies about public access to undeveloped lands, the young Sandberg was able to freely play in the local parks and forests, swim in local lakes, and go on berry- and mushroom-picking trips. Over the years, he formed his ideas regarding social democracy, including an appreciation for natural resources and Sweden's policies on social welfare and employment. As an adult, Sandberg became aware of the faults in the system, but he remained committed to the values of his homeland. He first moved to Canada on a swimming scholarship to Simon Fraser University, but he ended up staying when he became interested in Canada's political and social landscape. Today, Sandberg continues to be committed to the environment and its preservation. His major areas of research include political economy and ecology of resource management; forest, environmental, and conservation history; the history of forestry as both a science and a profession; and Canadian, Scandinavian, and Maritime studies.

With Peter Clancy, Sandberg is the author of Against the Grain: Foresters and Politics in Nova Scotia. This book explains the various debates that have taken place since the 1920s regarding how forests are managed in Nova Scotia. Canadian Historical Review critic Richard A. Rajala called the book an "important contribution to Canadian forest and environmental history," concluding: "Readers from a range of disciplines will find the book's insights on political economy and the professions worth considering."



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