Salvatore, Ricardo D(onato) 1954-

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SALVATORE, Ricardo D(onato) 1954-


Born February 28, 1954, in Santiago del Estero, Argentina; son of Donato S. and Maria E. (Paz) Salvatore; companion of M. Laura Posadas (an economist); children: Alejo, Diana. Ethnicity: "Hispanic." Education: Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, licenciado en economia, 1975.


Home—Donado 2775, Buenos Aires C1430, Argentina. Office—Universidad Torcuato di Tella, Miñones 2177, Buenos Aires C1428, Argentina. E-mail—[email protected]


Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, affiliate, 1988-89; Universidad Torcuato di Tella, Buenos Aires, Argentina, associate professor, 1993-2002, professor of modern history, 2002—. Yale University, Mellon visiting professor, 1998; London School of Economics and Political Science, London, Prebisch fellow, 1999-2000; Harvard University, visiting professor, 2003.


International Association of American Studies, International Economic History Association, Latin American Studies Association.


(With Raúl Hernando Lasso and Pablo Manuel Aguilera) Transporte y relaciones intrarregionales: Estudio de la microrregión La Costa; primer informe, Universidad Provincial de La Rioja (La Rioja, Argentina), 1981.

(Editor, with Carlos A. Aguirre) The Birth of the Penitentiary in Latin America: Essays on Criminology, Prison Reform, and Social Control, 1830-1940, University of Texas Press (Austin, TX), 1996.

(Compiler, with Noemí Goldman, and contributor) Caudillismos Rioplatenses: Nuevas miradas a un viejo problema, Facultad de Filosofia y Letras, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 1998.

(Editor, with Gilbert M. Joseph and Catherine C. LeG-rand) Close Encounters of Empire: Writing the Cultural History of U.S.-Latin American Relations, Duke University Press (Durham, NC), 1998.

(Editor, with Carlos A. Aguirre and Gilbert M. Joseph, and contributor) Crime and Punishment in Latin America: Law and Society since Late Colonial Times, Duke University Press (Durham, NC), 2001.

Wandering Paysanos: State Order and Subaltern Experience in Buenos Aires during the Rosas Era, Duke University Press (Durham, NC), 2003.

Contributor to books, including Revolution and Restoration: The Rearrangement of Power in Argentina, 1776-1860, edited by J. C. Brown and M. D. Szuchmann, University of Nebraska Press (Lincoln, NE), 1994; and Reconstructing Criminality in Latin America, edited by R. Buffington and Carlos A. Aguirre, SR Books, 1999. Contributor to periodicals, including Agricultural History, Hispanic American Historical Review, Peasant Studies, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Journal of Historical Sociology, Crime, History, and Societies, Latin American Perspectives, Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, and International Review of Social History.


The Enterprise of Knowledge; Re-pensando el imperialismo: Experiencia y cultura en América, Asia, y Africa, 1850-1960; an anthropometric history of Argentina.



Journal of Latin American Studies, November, 2002, Jeremy Adelman, review of Crime and Punishment in Latin America: Law and Society since Late Colonial Times, p. 961.

Journal of Social History, summer, 2003, Joan Bristol, review of Crime and Punishment in Latin America, p. 1115.

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Salvatore, Ricardo D(onato) 1954-

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