Rigby, Susan 1965-

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Rigby, Susan 1965-
(Susan Fuller, Sue Rigby)


Born August 5, 1965, in Manchester, England; daughter of Brian (a teacher) and Marjorie (a teacher; maiden name, Fitton) Rigby; married Michael Jeremy Fuller (a minister of religion), September 3, 1993; children: Peter John, Thomas James. Ethnicity:"Caucasian." Education: Oxford University, B.Sc., 1986; Cambridge University, Ph.D., 1990. Politics:"Left-wing." Hobbies and other interests: Opera, nineteenth-century literature, military history.


Home—Edinburgh, Scotland. Office—School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh, W. Mains Rd., Edinburgh EH9 3JW, Scotland.E-mail—[email protected].


Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, junior research fellow, 1990-92; University of Leicester, Leicester, England, lecturer, 1992-95; University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, senior lecturer in geosciences, 1995—, head of Grant Institute, 2005—.


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(Under name Sue Rigby; with Clare Milsom) Fossils at a Glance, Blackwell Science (Malden, MA), 2004.

Author of scientific papers.


Research on the life habits and ecology of graptolites, an extinct group of plankton.