Riba, Carles 1893-1959

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RIBA, Carles 1893-1959

PERSONAL: Born December 23, 1893, in Barcelona, Spain; died July 12, 1959, in Barcelona, Spain; son of Antoni and Adela (Bracons) Riba; married Clementina Arderiu (a poet). Education: Attended University of Barcelona.

CAREER: Poet, literary critic, translator, and professor. University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, professor of Greek; Bernat Metge Foundation, Barcelona, Spain, director.


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Also wrote prologues for a Catalan translation of the fables of Jean de La Fontaine, and for Anthologia Poetica, by Joan Maragall, 1954.

ADAPTATIONS: Riba's poetry has been set to music by Francesc Taverna-Bech and Alan Rawsthorne.

SIDELIGHTS: Carles Riba was a poet, literary critic, translator, and professor of Greek. He was an important voice for Catalan literature, encouraging discussions between Catalan and Castilian writers and introducing Catalan culture to other parts of the world. Writing in World Literature Today, Janet Pérez stated, "[Riba] is important above all in the normalization of Catalan language and expression."

Riba was born in Barcelona and studied law and literature at the University of Barcelona. He went into exile in 1939 to France, returning to Barcelona in 1943. After translating classical works for the Bernat Metge Foundation, he eventually became its director.

Riba's first book of criticism, Escolis, i altres articles, was a declaration of his adherence to the classical and distinctly anti-modernist "Noucentisme" movement of Eugenie d'Ours. Besides critical work, Riba wrote well-received children's stories and a varied body of translations ranging from Greek tragedy to the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Riba's primary form of writing, however, was poetry. By the 1920s he had established a positive reputation as a poet, following the publication of his first poetry collection, Primer llibre d'Estances. Tres suites, a collection of thirty poems written in sonnet form published in 1937, confirmed Riba as a master poet. Pérez noted that early inspirations for Riba's verse came from classical sources, while his later verse was influenced by French symbolism.

Elegies de Bierville is cited by many critics as Riba's finest poetry collection. The work reflects upon his experience of exile in Bierville, France, during the Spanish Civil War. It explores themes of physical isolation and spiritual deprivation, and ultimately recognition of a Christian God. Two later works expand on religious themes, Salvatge cor: sonets and Esbós de tres oratoris: Els tres reis d'Orient: Llàtzer, el ressuscitat: El fill Pròdig. Riba experimented with alternative forms of poetry in other works, as in Del joc i del foc, in which he uses the Japanese tanka form.

Riba's works have been translated into twelve languages. A poetry prize has also been established in his name.



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