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Pozzessere, Heather Graham

(Shannon Drake, Heather Graham)

PERSONAL: Married Dennis Pozzessere (a writer); children: Jason, Shayne, Derek, Bryee-Annon, Chynna. Education: Attended Southern Florida University.

ADDRESSES: Home—Coral Gables, FL. E-mail[email protected].

CAREER: Writer. Worked variously in dinner theatre, as a model, bartender, and actress.

AWARDS, HONORS: Best Silhouette “Ecstasy” novel nomination, 1987, for The Maverick and the Lady; best Silhouette “Intimate Moments” novel nominations, 1987, for A Matter of Circumstance, and 1988, for King of the Castle; award for best sensual romance set during the Civil War, 1988, for Dark Stranger; lifetime achievement award, Romance Writers of America, 2003. Numerous trade awards from Romantic Times and Affaire de Coeur; bestseller awards from B. Dalton, Walden Books, and Book Rak; numerous Reviewer’ Choice and People’s Choice Awards.



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Also author, under pseudonym Shannon Drake, of Branded Hearts, 1995, No Other Man, 1995, No Other Woman, 1996, No Other Love, 1997, and Wicked, 2005.


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(As Heather Graham) A Season of Miracles, Mira (New York, NY), 2002.

Author of foreword, as Heather Graham, to Beauvallet, by Georgette Heyer, Harlequin Books (New York, NY), 2004. Author of introduction, as Heather Graham, to Happy Birthday to Me, by David and Tessie DeVore, Charisma Kids (Lake Mary, FL), 2004. Contributor, as Shannon Drake, to Haunting Romance, Avon, 1991. Work represented in anthologies, including—as Heather Graham—The Ultimate Dracula, 1991.

SIDELIGHTS: Heather Graham Pozzessere is a prolific writer of both contemporary and historical romance novels. Pozzessere’s fiction encompasses a wide range of temporal and geographic settings, ranging from the Vikings to English history to the American Civil War, and from a Scottish castle to New York City to the Florida Everglades. Pozzessere seems equally at home in any milieu and has also proven adept at incorporating elements of mystery and fantasy into a number of her works. According to Barbara E. Kemp in Twentieth-Century Romance and Historical Writers, regardless of their setting or whatever elements are introduced from other genres, Pozzessere’s novels deal mainly with a “spirited, spicy romance between the hero and heroine.” Kemp describes Pozzessere’s characters as “engaging and vividly drawn,” her dialogue as “witty, sharp,” and her books as “solid, well-written love stories with lots of sizzle.”

Pozzessere’s “Civil War” trilogy, written as Heather Graham, spans the lives of characters of that era. Talking about the books in Romantic Times, Pozzessere said that she became interested in the Civil War after her first trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She contends that “no other period in our history was so achingly sad” as the Civil War. It was while visiting Gettysburg that she read the story of two brothers who went to war, fighting on opposing sides. This tale was the basis of the first two books of the trilogy, One Wore Blue and One Wore Gray. Each of the books is devoted to the story of one brother. One Wore Blue concerns Jesse, a doctor who joins with the Union forces. One Wore Gray relates the adventures of Jesse’s younger brother Daniel, who fights for the Confederacy. Writing about the brothers in Romantic Times, Pozzessere declared: “I’ve come to know them well. I have told their stories with a great deal of love and respect.”

Pozzessere’s Slow Burn is an example of a contemporary romance novel that is also a mystery. After the murder of Miami police officer Danny Huntington, his wife, Spencer, and his former partner, David Delgado, must track down the killer. A romance between Spencer and Delgado, former high school sweethearts, inevitably follows. Finding the book to be “fast paced” and “an enjoyable read,” a Publishers Weekly reviewer credited Pozzessere with “some nice local detail” and for showing “what it was like [for Delgado] to grow up as a Cuban refugee in Miami.” However, the same reviewer finds the romance elements of the novel “more satisfying than the mystery, as the murderer turns out to be incidental.”

In An Angel’s Touch Pozzessere for the most part abandons romance in favor of fantasy. An automobile accident on Christmas Eve turns New York yuppies David and Cathy Angel into actual angels who must return to Earth and perform six miracles to earn their wings. The Angels’ deeds include helping a bag lady and a terminally ill nun, as well as bringing an estranged couple back together. “Cramming a plethora of miseries into her slender tale,” stated a reviewer for Publishers Weekly, “Pozzessere … veers unevenly between the sad circumstances of characters at various nadirs and the forced comic mayhem of the yuppie couple trying to get an afterlife.” The reviewer goes on to dismiss An Angel’s Touch as “an ill-conceived exploitation of the angel craze that pulls sentimental strings as shamelessly as it does spiritual ones.”

Once again combining elements of mystery and romance, For All of Her Life could be described as Pozzessere’s 1960s novel. It concerns the attempt to reunite a once-popular rock band, Blue Heron, for a charity concert. The group had dissolved ten years earlier after the violent and mysterious death of its drummer. The plot also involves the reuniting of the group’s leader, Jordon Treveryan, with his former wife, Kathryn, who was a member of the band. Anonymous and threatening phone calls warn Jordon not to reform the band or hold the concert. Yet as he proceeds, both Jordon and Kathryn begin to learn more about the past, the drummer’s death, and the changes they have undergone since their days as hippies. A reviewer for Publishers Weekly remarks: “This finely crafted, extremely credible love story is for those who survived the 60s and for anyone else who wants to understand them.”

Among Pozzessere’s many other novels are Angel of Mercy, in which a government agent finds love while enforcing justice in the reptile-strewn Florida everglades, and Sweet Savage Eden, which is set in Colonial Virginia. She publishes many of her works under the pseudonyms Shannon Drake and Heather Graham.

Written as Heather Graham, Picture Me Dead is a suspenseful romance novel that follows rookie police officer and forensic artist Ashley Montague as she gets involved in a bizarre case centering on a serial killer in Miami and a cult in the Everglades. When an old friend of Ashley’s is killed in a traffic accident, the local police insist there was nothing out of the ordinary about the circumstances, writing off the victim as a drug addict who jumped into traffic. Ashley, however, suspects that something else happened. Thanks to her photographic memory, she is able to recreate the accident scene in a drawing, thereby discovering several odd details that the police are missing. At the same time, Detective Jake Dilesso is following up on a case involving the body of a woman that was found in the Everglades, and when the two cases appear to merge, Jake and Ashley must put their heads together and work as a unit. A reviewer in Publishers Weekly commented that “Graham’s tight plotting, her keen sense of when to reveal and when to tease, and her eye for the Florida landscape will keep fans turning the pages.”

Dead on the Dance Floor, another romantic mystery, opens with the death of Lara, the Moonlight Sonata dance studio’s star ballroom dancer, after she collapses during a major competition. Quinn O’Casey is a former cop who gets talked into assisting with the investigation by his brother, Doug, who is still on the force. At first Quinn is puzzled regarding his brother’s request for aid, but then he learns that Lara and Doug once were lovers, and only his concern for his brother convinces him to go undercover as a dance student in order to investigate the studio and the other students. Mary Frances Wilkens, in a review for Booklist, commented that “although her plotting is entirely too predictable, Graham knows how to keep her narrative moving.”

In Killing Kelly, Doug O’Casey makes another appearance, this time working as a bodyguard and dance instructor who is paired up with soap star Kelly Trent while she prepares for a dance video. Unfortunately, Kelly is only free to work on the video because her television character, therapist Marla Valentine, is in a coma, a plot device created by one of the show’ spon-sors who was less than pleased when Kelly turned down his sexual advances. Meanwhile, Doug is concerned for Kelly’s safety because a serial killer has been targeting advice therapists, and the killer appears not to know the difference between television and the real world. Diana Tixier Herald, reviewing the novel in Booklist, remarked that “Graham’s writing appears effortless, creating a comforting and undemanding read.”

The Island is the suspenseful tale of Beth Anderson, who finds a human skull in the woods at Calliope Key. She hides it, planning to return later, but a number of other campers appear on the island and Beth is unable to go back until much later, at which point the skull has vanished. Knowing that a couple had gone missing in the area several months earlier, Beth believes that her find means one of the individuals has been killed, and that one of the campers might have been responsible. In particular, handsome scuba diver Keith Hanson, who was visiting the area on his yacht, seems to be everywhere Beth goes. Hanson claims he is trying to protect her, but Beth is not sure if she can believe him. Reviewing The Island, Herald noted: “Graham always writes a satisfyingly entertaining read.”

The Dead Room offers readers yet another thriller, but this one has a paranormal twist. Heroine Leslie MacIn-tyre, an anthropologist, receives an invitation to participate in a dig at Hastings House in New York City. Even though Leslie was injured in an explosion at the house the year before, an incident that killed her fiance Matt, she is still enthusiastic about the idea of working on the site, and with good reason. Since the accident, Leslie has discovered an ability to communicate with the dead, and while living temporarily at Hastings House, she is able to see the ghost of Matt in her erotic dreams each night. Meanwhile, Matt’s cousin Joe, a private detective, is attempting to track a social worker who has disappeared. A reviewer in Publishers Weekly remarked that “the intense, unexpected conclusion will leave readers well satisfied.”

Realm of Shadows, which Pozzessere wrote under the name Shannon Drake, is one in a series of vampire romance novels that she has published. In this book, an evil vampire is unearthed by archaeologists, and she begins to terrorize the city of Paris. An odd trio sets out to stop her, consisting of Lucian, a vampire; Brent, a human who seems to possess extraordinary abilities of his own; and Tara, an American whose grandfather is part of a group dedicated to fighting evil. A reviewer in Publishers Weekly found the book less smoothly written than Pozzessere’s other work, remarking that “unfortunately, there are too many pieces that don’t fall into place until the book’s lengthy epilogue.”

Pozzessere once told CA: “I grew up in Dade County, Florida, and attended the University of South Florida at Tampa, majoring in theatre arts. I toured Europe and parts of Asia as part of my studies. After college, I went on to perform in dinner theatre. I also modeled, waitressed, and bartended. After the birth of my third child, I determined to put my full effort into my desire to write. After some trial and error, I sold my first book, When Next We Love, to Dell Publishing Company. I have been under contract with Dell since that time, and my last book with them, And One Rode West, which I wrote under the pseudonym Heather Graham, hit the New York Times list as well as several other best-seller lists.

“I am pleased to have received numerous awards for my novels, Including over twenty trade awards from Romantic Times, as well as best-seller awards from B. Dalton, Walden Books, and Book Rak book stores. I have also won several Reviewer’s Choice and People’s Choice awards. My books have been selections for the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild. I have been published across the world in more than fifteen languages, and, including anthologies and short stories, I have more than ten million titles in print. My novel Tempestuous Eden was the first in Dell’s Candlelight Supreme series, while The Last Cavalier… [was] published as the first title in Silhouette’s Shadows line. In addition to romance, I have written time travel and horror fiction, as well as contributed a story to a collection of vampire short stories that includes a contribution from Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire, The Tale of the Body Thief).”



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