Popkin, James M. (Jamie Popkin)

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Popkin, James M. (Jamie Popkin)


Education: Connecticut College, New London, B.A.; Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, M.A.


Office—Stamford, CT.


Researcher and writer. Gartner Research, Stamford, CT, group vice president and research fellow. Also held various other positions with Gartner, Deloitte & Touche, the New York City Office of Management and Budget, and the Coalition of Northeastern Governors.


(With John K. Scales) Energy and Jobs: Employment Implications of Alternate Energy Development and Conservation Strategies in the Northeast, Coalition of Northeastern Governors Policy Re-search Center (Washington, DC), 1983.

(With Partha Iyengar) IT and the East: How China and India Are Altering the Future of Technology and Innovation, Harvard Business School Press (Boston, MA), 2007.


Author James M. Popkin has more than eighteen years of experience in the information technology industry as a researcher and analyst. While working for Gartner Research, Popkin covered business intelligence and information management. He has also specialized in IT research and analysis in the East, specifically China, India, and Korea.

In 2007, Popkin published his first book, IT and the East: How China and India Are Altering the Future of Technology and Innovation, written with Partha Iyengar. The authors argue that countries in Asia, specifically China and India, are now driving high-tech innovation through outsourcing and by training new engineers. The authors also note that the market for technology within these two nations is growing rapidly and speculate that over the next ten years, collaboration between India and China will pose significant problems and competition for Western technology companies. Overall, critics responded positively to IT and the East. Some reviewers appreciated Popkin and Iyengar's detailed coverage of their subject. The book "stands out in offering clear analysis of both countries' strengths and weaknesses," wrote Robin Tatu in a review for Prism. Others noted the book's persuasive and well-researched point of view. IT and the East is a "well-argued book," wrote Financial Executive contributor Jeffrey Marshall.



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