Manent, Marià 1898-1988

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MANENT, Marià 1898-1988

PERSONAL: Born 1898, in Barcelona, Spain; died 1988.

CAREER: Literary director for a publisher, poet, translator, and literary critic. Revista de Poesia, founder, 1925; Quaderns de Poesia, editorial committee member, from 1935.

AWARDS, HONORS: Lletra d'Or, 1968, for Com un núvol lleuger; Ensenya de Cavaller de l'Imperi Britànic, 1976, for superior translation of English poetry; Premi Josep Pla, 1974, for El vel de maia: dietari de la guerra civil (1936-39); Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes, 1985.


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Also translator of the poetry of Keats and Rupert Brooke.

ADAPTATIONS: Manent's texts have been set to music by Alejandro Yagüe and Juan Manau Valor.

SIDELIGHTS: Marià Manent was a publisher, poet, translator, literary critic, and author of memoirs. His literary background is in the period of Noucentisme—a Catalan political and cultural movement founded by Eugenie d'Ors at the beginning of the twentieth century—from which his poetry moved towards symbolism and "pure poetry." He was influenced by Verdaguer, Carner, and Claudel, as well as by Chinese poets, whom he translated in such volumes as L'aire daurat: interpretacions de poesia xinesa and Com un núvol lleuger. He also translated the work of numerous English and American poets.

Sean Golden, writing in the Journal of Catalan Studies, suggested that "a close examination of the prefaces [Manent] wrote for each of his collections could provide us with an insight into his motivations. . . . in the aftermath of the [Spanish] Civil War, a large part of his motivation . . . was a result of his empathy for the plight of classical Chinese poets. Like them, he was in many ways a powerless individual confronted by a system of arbitrary and stifling authority." Golden later continued, "Chinese poets constantly lamented the state of affairs and sought consolation in the world of nature, without ever becoming rebels themselves, as did Manent." Manent's original poetry strived for the same serenity and equilibrium he intuited in Chinese poetry.

Manent's Dietari dispers, 1918-1984 is of particular interest to scholars, especially its best-known fragment El vel de maia: dietari de la guerra civil (1936-39), which corresponds to the period of the Spanish Civil War and which was awarded the 1974 Josep Pla Prize. Obres completes de Marià Manent is a complete collection of Manent's poetry. His literary and art criticism, published in reviews and newspapers before and after the Franco dictatorship, is collected in volumes like Notícies d'art and Rellegint. Manent strove to make each of the genres with which he worked compatible with the others, resulting in a highly homogenous body of literature.



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