Manén, Juan

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Manén, Juan

Manén, Juan, Catalan violinist and composer; b. Barcelona, March 14, 1883; d. there, June 26, 1971. He received training in solfège and piano at a very early age from his father. At 5, he began to study violin and, at 7, made his public debut as a violinist. At 9, he made his first appearances in America. Following studies with Ibarguren, he made tours of Europe from 1898. He spent some years in Germany, where his orch. compositions were influenced by Wagner and Strauss. After returning to his homeland, he devoted himself principally to composition. Much of his music was redolent of Catalan melorhythms. His writings, all pubi, in Barcelona, included Mis experiências (1944), Variaciones sin tema (1955), El violin (1958), El jóven artista (1964), and Diccionario de celebridades musicales(1974).


dramatic:Juana de Nápoles, opera (Barcelona, Jan. 1903); Acte, opera (Barcelona, Dec. 3, 1903; rewritten as Nero i Akte, Karlsruhe, Jan. 28, 1928); Der Fackeltanz, opera (Frankfurt am Main, 1909); Hews, opera (n.d.); Camino del sol, theater sym. (Leipzig, 1913); Don Juan, tragic comedy (n.d.); Soledad, opera (n.d.); Triana, ballet (1952). other: Many orch. works, including pieces for violin and strings; chamber music; violin pieces; guitar music.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire