Katzner, Kenneth 1930-2003

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KATZNER, Kenneth 1930-2003

OBITUARY NOTICE—See index for CA sketch: Born December 2, 1930, in Washington, DC; died of lung cancer May 25, 2003, in Washington, DC. Editor and author. Katzner was a Russian-language expert who was the editor of a bestselling English-Russian dictionary. After completing his undergraduate studies at Cornell University in 1952, he joined the U.S. Air Force, where he was trained to speak Russian. He then served in England as a communications intelligence officer. Leaving military service in 1956 as a captain, he worked as an author and editor in New York City, including on the staff of publisher company Grolier, Inc. During the 1970s Katzner worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, and in the 1980s and 1990s was on staff at the Department of Defense. Katzner was the author of A Russian Review Text (1962) and The Languages of the World (1975; new edition, 1995), but was most successful with his English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary. First published in 1984, the book was going into its third edition at the time of his death.



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Katzner, Kenneth 1930-2003

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